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Stunning visuals of real-life locales offer extra motivation. VINA, launched by two girlfriends who work in San Francisco’s IT industry, suggests friends based on personality and lifestyle quizzes, proximity and mutual Facebook friends.Thinking about buying the new smart watch from Fitbit? You can even join communities specifically created for health-minded women, including runners, “sober sisters,” and yogis.‘Similarly, we’re getting tired of constantly swiping on dating apps and going our for drinks to meet new people, but opting for engaging activities instead.So if you prefer burpees and protein shakes to steak and red wine – this could be the perfect first date for you.After a quick warm-up, 14 guests bond over a series of exercises for 45 minutes in total.

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You’re sweaty, wearing lycra, probably make-up free…The latest craze for single fitness nuts is date-ercise. Is breathless, sweaty speed dating the antidote to soulless swiping that we all need? ‘Date-ercise is just like any other fitness class, with the twist that everyone is single and wanting to meet somebody,’ explains founder Keith Mcniven.The speed dating fitness class that could help you work on your love life as well as your summer body. ‘You can pace yourself on the various zones, but you will still be pushed physically.Fit is a more engaging social experience that offers more ways to connect with others, designed by Fitbit to build on the success of their online support network.Another cool feature: You can challenge friends to a virtual race from one Yosemite mountain to another (35,800 steps) or the equivalent of an NYC marathon (57,000 steps) with the Fitbit app.

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