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He said: ‘What’s good about it is that whenever you’re with someone that is a mate to start with then there’s a short hand there and you don’t have to go through that whole awkward dating.’ The 40-year-old also opened up about his relationship with Cat and their one-year-old son Milo who was born in January 2016.He joked that now they have a child he ‘pretends’ to have work – on shows such as on the upcoming second series of quiz show Debatable – so that he can have the luxury of taking long-haul flights, over to the UK from where the pair live in the US, on his own.“For us, that was absolutely the right thing at the right time.” In Debatable, contestants are posed a tricky question and weigh up a discussion on it by a panel of well-known faces before settling on an answer.The mix of panel show and quiz is something Patrick admits took a bit of understanding at first.Patrick Kielty was born on January 31, 1971 in Dundrum, County Down, Northern Ireland.He is a writer, known for My Dad, the Peace Deal and Me (2018), Patrick Kielty: Live (2006) and Stand Up for the Week (2010).For now, hopping on and off planes to revisit his family and friends in Ireland and Cat’s in the Midlands is relatively easy.

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So there’s a randomness to every question that makes it fun.” Michael Buerk, Peter Jones, Suzi Perry and Ann Widdecombe are among the, hopefully, helpful debaters sharing their thoughts this week.

“Cat and I joke that he’s the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, the main man, and the two of us run around the house doing whatever he wants.

“I know I’m not the first da’ that’s felt like this, but you suddenly realise what life’s all about.

The pair, who are married and have one child together, first became friends in 2002 while presenting Fame Academy together although it wasn’t until 2012 that they got together.

Patrick did admit that being friends first made the transition to being in a relationship less awkward for the pair.

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