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Britt contemplated terminating the pregnancy but changed her mind after Patrick vowed to be a father to the child.When Patrick still remained distant, Britt bribed Brad, a lab technician, to make it appear as though she had severe complication with the pregnancy that required bed rest.Meanwhile, Sabrina and Felix doubted Britt's claim that Patrick was the father of her unborn child and ran a paternity test without her knowledge.Britt feared the test would reveal the truth that Patrick was not her child's father but her mother intervened and changed the results.

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Although Patrick was hesitant to move on, he and Britt began dating.Britt was frustrated with Patrick's grieving process and with the friendship he was developing with Sabrina.Britt knew that Sabrina had a crush on Patrick and she enjoyed assigning extra work to her.As the pregnancy continued, Britt struck up a friendship with Nikolas Cassadine and had second thoughts about her lie but her mother pushed her to continue her pursuit of Patrick.Britt started to believe in her mother's plan after Patrick started to bond with the unborn child and Britt learned she was pregnant with a boy. Obrecht caused more harm than good during her visit with Britt. The police uncovered the connection between Britt and her mother and while her mother escaped, Britt was left to deal with the aftermath of Liesl's crimes.

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