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When it came time to give a musical voice to these central and deeply personal themes, Talbot knew his choice would be crucial to the delivery of his and Jimmie’s message. A student of score composition at Berklee School of Music and a member of the long touring band The Dig, Mosseri had prepared for this opportunity, but had yet to take on the challenge of scoring a feature length film.

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Many composers will tell you that the score has a duty to service the film and that’s the most important thing.

At its heart, it’s a story about belonging, but it’s also about the touching friendship between the prince, Jimmie, and his companion Montgomery, who stands by Jimmie in his quest to find purpose and identity.

Montgomery’s quiet support and loyalty characterize a portrayal I won’t soon forget and epitomizes the story in a film ten years in the making, sprouted from intimate conversations between Talbot and Fails on long walks in San Francisco.

The knowledge of this sad truth is part of what makes the authenticity of the so strikingly tangible.

Seeing it live and breathe on the screen while sinking into its tender beauty brought me back to the vibrations that used to come more frequently as a movie goer – when afterwards I’d walk out of the theater doors and onto the street in a sort of arrested state, letting the inspiration wash over me for a few slowly walked blocks.

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