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“Got to see an old boob and make a new friend yesterday! Josh also posted a photo of himself with his former costar, writing, “She’s so sweet yet so evil.” fans were delighted about the reunion, writing comments like “Freaking iconic” and “This is the cutest thing I didn’t know I needed.” Same, guys. So here's my quiz about her, I didn't took this from anywere I know it from my mind.

These two roles made Miranda Cosgrove a high flying child star.By the age of 7, Miranda Cosgrove was completely in love with life in the spotlight and began auditioning for theatre and TV roles to expand her portfolio more..The film was a massive hit at the box office raking in over 1, 282, 949 worldwide and receiving high ratings from most critics. She continued to appear in a number of other minor television roles over the years before landing the role of Megan Parker on Nickelodeon’s Miranda Cosgrove also pursued music enthusiastically, debuting with i Carly (2008) which was a soundtrack album for the i Carly series.Thank you for not tweeting about it.” This made the trio laugh; you may remember there had been some wedding-related drama because Drake Bell was upset he didn’t get an invite, though apparently everything is cool now.Miranda and Josh posted pics of their reunion on Instagram, because if you reunite with a childhood pal and don’t post it to IG, did it really happen?

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