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You might find this shocking if you've watched her on the court recently, but Venus Williams will turn 40 in 2020.

How does the ageless tennis legend manage to keep in such good shape?

"They are in love," the insider said, "but no one has mentioned any engagement." Johnson also reached out to Hammond himself for comment, but the muscular millionaire refused to divulge any information about the status of his relationship with Williams.

"We have a firm commitment to one another to keep our relationship private," Hammond said.

Dana's grandmother was the sister of the late Walter Annenberg, who at the height of his career presided over a "vast communications empire" that included titles like .

When Annenberg passed away in 2002 at the age of 94, half of his reported billion fortune was divided among his relatives, as per his (and his wife's) wishes.

According to intel, the fact that he likes to keep things under the radar was a big plus point for Williams.

"She likes that he's very private," a source claimed.

He was first spotted in the Williams family box at the 2018 US Open according to the that Hammond's name was being frequently tossed around during the tournament.Nicholas Hammond was reportedly Venus' date for her sister's wedding, however the presence of the likes of Queen Bey and Kim K presumably allowed him to slip under the media radar.In fact, some media outlets wrongly identified him as Venus' ex Elio Pis, according to Venus Williams definitely wasn't afraid to pack on the PDA when she was dating Elio Pis and she's been exactly the same with Nicholas Hammond, getting up close and personal with him out in the open."I'm not sure she's calling him [her] boyfriend yet," the source said.The frisky dinner date was back in December 2017, however, and things seem to have moved into definite boyfriend territory since then.

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