Updating dns pointers

When you type into your address bar, DNS does the mapping for you behind the scenes. Just like caching on your Word Press site, DNS cache stores the IP addresses (or locations) you have recently visited locally on your computer.

Without DNS you would have to type something like 2.206 to get to Google. If DNS records become out of date or things change on the web server, you might have to clear DNS cache in order to grab the most up to date records.

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PTR records update would not be on by default and could be turned on by setting an option (perhaps For the update itself, we can simply use the nsupdate utility the way we use it in IPA domain.Here is a case scenario that actually happened to us on a client’s site the other day.The client suddenly complained about their images and CSS/Javascript not loading on their website.So the first thing we did was ping the CDN subdomain to see if it was accessible to us. We then ran their CDN URL through the free whatsmydns tool.This allows you to quickly check resolution on DNS records (such as the CDN CNAME) from multiple geographical locations.

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