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The prominent and respected owner and proprietor of River Valley Farm, Herb is the patriarch of the Clutter family, husband to Bonnie Clutter and father to four children: Eveanna, Beverly, Nancy and Kenyon.He is a generous employer, and an active churchgoer and “die-hard community booster” (21).The Protestant chaplain in Lansing, where Perry was formerly imprisoned.While under Willie-Jay’s tutelage, Perry painted a portrait of Jesus which the Reverend now keeps in his office, as a testament to Perry’s character.Although he originally resists even the idea of the robbery, the charged atmosphere of the Clutter home prompts him to a frenzy of frustration and resentment, and the Clutters become the unfortunate targets of his fury.Prior to this revelation, however, we learn that he is sensitive, thoughtful, creative, and highly intelligent.He comes from a troubled background, and he harbors escapist fantasies of grand adventures in exotic locales, and of being rescued from his woes by beautiful yellow parrots.

She is dating – and claims to be in love with – Bobby Rupp, the star of the high school basketball team.

This is a point of contention between Nancy and her father, who wishes she would break off the relationship, since Bobby is Catholic, and the Clutters are Methodist.

Nancy spends her last day baking a cherry pie with her young neighbor, instructing another girl in music, and caring for her horse, Babe.

Herb’s wife and mother to Nancy and Kenyon, Bonnie is a slight, nervous, apologetic woman who suffers from chronic postpartum depression, which leaves her bedridden on many days.

Having lived a sheltered childhood, she gave up her training as a nurse to marry Herb and settle into her responsibilities as a housewife.

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