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Their national cuisine includes such delights as macaroni and cheese pies, haggis with mashed turnips, jacket potatoes, and the famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) deep-fried Mars bar.So whether you’re recovering from a wild night out, or in need of comfort food on a wintry day, your Scot will have you covered.The Scots are well known for their wickedly irreverent sense of humour, and aren’t afraid to “take the piss” out of anything or anyone – especially themselves.Though you may find yourself the butt of the joke from time to time, the banter will never be dull with your Scottish partner around, that’s for sure.Whilst on the subject of practical clothing items, dating a Scottish person also takes the pressure off of dressing to impress.Growing up in Scotland, they’ll always be prepared for the worst weather-wise, and so it’ll be perfectly reasonable to go out kitted in huge scarves and three different fleeces under a hardy raincoat.Be prepared to fling or be flung by your significant other until the wee hours of the morning.When you’re dating a Scottish person, you’ll always have a pal with whom to binge on all the delicious fats and carbs.

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Unfortunately, unless they’re professional bagpipers, rarely do Scottish men wear kilts in everyday life these days.

Expect long weekends hiking in the Cairngorms and road-tripping along the Isle of Skye, tackling a few munros together or even the West Highland Way.

All of which is extremely romantic, yes, but be prepared to invest in a good waterproof jacket too.

So not only will your Scottish SO likely be hilarious, but they’ll also probably be one of the friendliest and most welcoming people you’ll ever meet…

as will their mum and dad, siblings, and extended family, because rest assured you’ll be meeting all of them when you come round their parents’ house for tea.

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