Top 10 intimidating dogs

The most aggressive dogs we hear about from so called ‘trouble breeds’ often lacked something while they were growing up or lacked proper training.

This can often be attributed to a lack of knowledge on the owner’s part.

She had a serious problem with barking and tearing things apart.

Through careful training and by offering her lots of exercise and fresh air, she’s settled in beautifully.

Before I get to the list, I want to point something out.

While big dogs are often thought of as aggressive or intimidating, many of the most aggressive dogs are from the smaller breeds.

Do the research beforehand so you can do what’s right for yourself, your family and for your dog.

While there are breeds out there I personally would avoid, I would only avoid them because I know and understand my limits as an owner.

I don’t think of a dog as a status symbol or as a way to make a statement.

Another of the great working and herding dogs and the one to top our list of smartest canines is the Border Collie.

You usually think of these dogs as having a rightful place on the farm but they are useful for so much more.

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