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After the repeal of the tax, number of ads did not increase since many publishers avoided this type of income ( magazine did not publish ads until 1955).In the late 19th century and with the invention of the rotary press, the number of printed copies increases, and the price of the issue is reduced and thus we enter the century, that will mark the development of the magazines as one of the world’s leading media.Printing cost was high, and the number of printed copies could not be greater than one hundred thousand, because it was technically impossible to squeeze a larger amount of paper through the machine.Distribution was also a big problem because it was difficult to move large quantities of magazines at great distances.

The first issue of Some have predicted the death of the magazines, just like they have predicted the death of the newspapers in the 90’s, but neither newspapers died, and neither will the magazines.Unfortunately, he died very young, aged 30, and his partner Henry Luce continued development of starts to lose money, and in the 1948 is redesigned, both in graphics and in journalistic terms, and becomes an ordinary business magazine.At that time in post WWII Europe, in France, one person launched a magazine that greatly changed the way women think, speak, and perceive themselves.In the early 20th century appears one of the most important icons in the world of publishing, William Randolph Hearst.As the owner of several newspapers across America, he engages in a merciless battle for readers with his mentor, Joseph Pulitzer.

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