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A retired banker, Seumas is no stranger to money and his bestselling novel, The Violin Man’s Legacy, has sold over 16,000 copies since it was published.The Violin Man’s Legacy reached number 3 in Amazon UK thrillers section,(most of the downloads have been from Amazon UK) and has been in and out of the top twenty on more than 80 different days.’ I think each of us is capable of revealing many layers.I have some poems I wrote dating back to 1964, and many others that I’ve lost on the way through this great journey called living.

He’s also the author of The Violin Man’s Legacy, his self-published debut crime thriller that’s been selling like hotcakes in the UK since July 2011.

The book’s plot revolves around three ex-SAS (part of the UK’s special forces) guys going under the legal radar, using their black ops skills to hunt down a gang of diamond and gold thieves and murderers.

The plot travels from Europe across to Hong Kong, and then to South America.

Read more: And now, time to introduce Seumas…fully clothed: Seumas Gallacher IT”S AS MUCH FUN AS YOU CAN HAVE WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON Now I’m on the tiger, I can’t get off.. That was superseded by a yearn to make tons of money as a gambling bookie.

Next up came the Stones and Eric Clapton and Freddy Mercury…all change again, front man in a great band it had to be.

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