The dirt on dating

I kept asking her what was wrong, and she would say nothing, but then she was like, ‘I’m going to stay on the couch tonight.’”He added that "the next morning, we got in the car and she was like, ‘I have to break up with you, this relationship isn't working out.’ We drove back to my place, she grabbed her stuff and I drove her home to her parents’ house in San Diego.And that was pretty much it.”Zutaut said the couple had been dating for about a year, and it had been a “pretty serious relationship.” “The thought never crossed my mind that anything like that would happen," he explained.“If she had the names of these women he’s been seeing, she’d use it against him and the divorce would hit another roadblock.” The magazine’s report is total fiction. The report was based on claims from an untraceable “source,” but the actor’s own spokesperson told us on the record that it was “completely false.” This follow-up article dragging Jolie into the narrative is more nonsense. “Brad Pitt Is 'Happy to Focus on Himself and His Kids' Following New Single Status, Says Source.” People, 16 Apr. The actress isn’t attempting to “dig up dirt” on four imaginary women who Pitt isn’t dating. "Brad Pitt Dating Two Models, An Actress And One Of His Kids’ Teachers?

“The bottom line is that Angelina doesn’t want to see Brad happy, which is why she’s been dragging out the divorce,” adds the anonymous tipster. "Jennifer Aniston Wants Brad Pitt To Go Public With Romance?

It's a mystery I would love to solve one day.”Asked about how Neil had dealt with him since the revelation, he said the singer had “pretty much avoided” him.

“The right thing for Vince to do would be to apologize to me, but that's really on his shoulders," he said.

I found her maybe a half hour later, sort of standing outside a hospitality area.

When we got back [to the hotel], she seemed really upset about something.

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