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It’s really not that simple, with the truth being that for some people there may be very few or even no matches, while for others there may be many. Opening Lines If you see someone you like in online dating, then the next thing is to make contact. Back in 1986, Chris Kleinke and colleagues (Kleinke, Meeker and Staneski, 1986) asked students what they would say to initiate contact with someone they wanted to meet.

In other words, what do people say when they meet someone they would like to get to know?

However, online dating is no panacea and it can take a little effort to find the type of person who is right for you.

Then online dating offers you the possibility of finding one.

After all, you don’t necessarily want a long-term online dating pen pal. (1986) ‘Preference for Opening Lines: Comparing Ratings by Men and Women’ Sex Roles, 15 (11,12), 585-600.

Instead, one should maybe try selecting the type of person with whom you can imagine having a good time.Some of the more humorous lines which, by the way, were categorised as cute or flippant, were, “Didn’t we meet in a previous life?” and “You remind me of a woman I used to date.” While lines such as these are not necessarily recommended, it is important to note the importance of humour. Humour Pretty much everyone states that they have a good sense of humour, and the acronym GSOH (Good sense of humour) is often used in dater’s descriptions.One theory as to why it is for men to generate humour comes from evolutionary psychology.Men who can be spontaneously funny are said to be creatively intelligent. (2016) ‘Online Dating System Design and Relational Decision Making: Choice, Algorithms and Control’ Personal Relationships, 23, 645-662.

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