Sophos has stopped updating angdatingdaan debate

the Android Device Manager, the user has to first manually disable the device administrator for this app so that the policy can be applied (see also payload of a Sophos container policy currently has no effect.

With upcoming releases of the Sophos Secure Workspace and Sophos Secure Email apps, fingerprint authentication is supported for logon and the SMC payload setting will be applied.

If an Exchange email account is transferred to an Android work profile, the account stays on the profile even if the policy gets removed.

It is possible to send another policy containing another Email configuration to the device. However, it is not possible to remove the configuration from the work profile.

When you forbid data roaming, a Windows 10 Mobile device with data roaming enabled is still reported as compliant.

Installing the profile again for the device through the Sophos Mobile Control admin console takes the app under management again. All other options only work on the first installation of the profile.

Updated components The threat detection engine has been updated from 3.69.2 to 3.70.2.

For information about the changes to the threat detection engine, see the Sophos Threat Detection Engine release notes.

In case the configured account should get removed, the whole Android work profile must be removed from the device.

Installing a recommended or required app via an i Tunes link on an i OS device requires the use of Safari.

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