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Overall, 37% of teens think that social media helps people their age find trustworthy information – and only 7% think these sites help “a lot” in that respect.

Older teens are more likely than their younger peers to believe social media helps teens interact with people from various backgrounds.

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Girls are much more likely than boys to post selfies: Six-in-ten girls say they often or sometimes do this, compared with 30% of boys.Meanwhile, girls are more likely than boys to say they post about their family (53% vs. Some 45% of teens say they often or sometimes post selfies on social media, with 16% saying they do this often.Similar shares of teens say they at least sometimes post things only their closest friends would understand (50%), updates on where they are or what they’re doing (42%) or videos they’ve recorded (41%).But they also must contend with more negative aspects of social media use, such as drama and bullying or feeling pressure to present themselves in a certain way.When asked what topics they post about on social media, roughly half of teens say they post about their accomplishments on social media, while 44% say they post about their family.

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