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He falls straight to the ground and as he gets up, Franklin Mott throws him against a car door.He then holds the other man while Tara repeatedly punches him.They got divorced citing irreconcilable differences. For starring the role of Tara Thornton on the HBO series True Blood, Rutina Wesley got her first nomination in Satellite Awards in 2009.She also won this award that year for Best Ensemble, Television. Jacob Fishel is also an actor and he is also her former Juilliard classmate.It is also said that she had q romantic love affair and relationship with her now husband Jacob Fishel for several years before getting married.She has been earning a lucrative amount of salary and her net worth is said to be around million dollars.Further, there are no details concerning the salary she receives from her works in movies and TV shows. With the completion of her high school graduation, Rutina Wesley got enrolled at University of Evansville with a major in Theatre Performance.

On 5th of June 2005, Rutina Wesley got married to her long time boyfriend Jacob Fishel.

While home, she joined her cousin Lafayette and his boyfriend Jesus Velasquez at a coven meeting. Antonia proceeded to ask Tara to enlist a group of witches to perform a day-walking spell, in which Tara took part.

The spell was a success, but Marnie caught them and teleported them back inside the shop.

Tara is seen bearing a revolver pistol loaded with wooden bullets.

She seems to be a skilled marksman, as seen in the graveyard battle when she successfully shoots and kills a speeding vampire attacking her from behind. Sookie and Lafayette convince her to turn Tara into a vampire in order to save her life.

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