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He was picking up on part of an environment that seemed like a better life, something that was more of a dream state for him, where he could harken back to a moment of innocence—perhaps with his grandparents—where everything seemed okay.In many ways, David is a timelier character than ever, since Americans have become so drawn to nostalgia, as evidenced by the popularity of shows like “Stranger Things.” I totally agree.Our sense of empathy towards one another is in question all the time.

The music that he grew up listening to was from his grandparents’ generation, and he loved it so much that it became his anthem.

Both of Oona’s sisters are great actors themselves.

Anyway, Oona’s mother got ahold of the script for “Lamb,” read it and started weeping.

There are occasional shades of “Paper Moon” in David’s scenes with the girl, Tommie, played by Oona Laurence in what is surely one of the greatest child performances in cinema history, ranking right alongside Patty Duke in “The Miracle Worker” and Henry Thomas in “E. Mainstream moviegoers may recognize Partridge and Laurence from their respective roles in “Stranger Things” and “Pete’s Dragon.” Another key collaborator on “Lamb” is Partridge’s wife, Jennifer Lafleur, a marvelous performer in her own right, who served as co-producer on the film (she also makes a cameo).

Partridge spoke with Indie Outlook about the timeliness of David’s predicament, the words of wisdom he received from Oona’s father and the benefits (and drawbacks) of shooting in Wyoming.

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