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The couple exists mostly out of the spotlight; the complete opposite of “Robsten.” Kristen Stewart is no longer one-half of a product being peddled by the media, and she’s much happier. costars and real-life exes Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hanging out together IRL on February 11, at Edendale, a bar in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood.What’s the latest on her most recent relationship with Stella Maxwell?

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He's goofy and charming and sometimes he says the wrong thing at the wrong time. That's always been one of his most endearing qualities. I don't understand (THANK GOD) why they cling so heavily to Rob and Kristen being together... " So when I was all about Rob and Kristen I just was like... THEY ARE TOGETHER IN REAL LIFE How is that shipping? I have learned its best not to give a shit about who someone you like... And if some random asshat on twitter or tumblr is doing some ranting... If they aren't truly hurting anyone and just have an opinion is it really worth attacking everyone you don't agree with? They will always have some sort of delusional excuse to explain it. Kristen Stewart has been one of the most intriguing actresses of the last decade, especially when equating her real-life relationships with her movie performances.While she helped create one of the most romantic team-ups of the 21st century with Robert Pattinson via the films, we know their real-life romance was rocky.

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