Percy and annabeth dating fanfiction

" Jason pouts."Because you're smart enough to know I want to be there, besides you're terrified." Annabeth stops as soon as she's said it and sees the worry on his face."Of course I'm terrified," he mumbles and she squeezes his arm."She's going to say yes.I'm sure of that, and you know I'm always right." Annabeth throws a softer punch and grins at him."You are always right," he says with a shrug."Now, let's talk proposal ideas." Annabeth links her arm through his and pulls him down the hallway towards the elevator."She rolls her eyes and laughs like I knew she would, "They're always so original with their names, aren't they? Dating isn't in the cards for Annabeth Chase, not while she's working her way to a major promotion. Annabeth isn't ready for a relationship, but she may have an arrangement that can work This is a multi chapter fic I've been working on based around the "fake dating" trope.She insists that it has nothing to do with trying to get his approval.

I know I'm probably staring at her, but if she notices, she doesn't say anything, but she ducks her head and smiles up at me, shyer than I've ever seen her. ""I don't suppose you've ever heard of the New York Aquarium?" Jason looks like he's just been accused of kicking a puppy. I know you're proving you're better at this than everyone else in the building but you are going to work yourself to death," he says gesturing to desk."If you and Piper weren't practically family-""You'd destroy us and unravel our plan, I know.""Sometimes I regret being your best friend," Annabeth says and hoists her bag onto her shoulder."That's not true so I'll let it go." Jason turns to let her pass and gestures for her to lead."Besides I think Piper is beating you out for position of best friend.""She's already your girlfriend and you've abandoned me to spend all your time with her, now she gets best friend too? Four years you two have been dancing around each other and that's how you tell me?""What I can blackmail you with to get out of this," Annabeth says seriously."You've got nothing," Piper growls."Besides you're too late, your escort will be at your door in three, two, one."Annabeth glances up to an empty doorway and frowns."Piper, I don't-""He's not there is he?

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