Outlook address book not updating in cached mode

Most users will find that Cached Exchange Mode performs faster than online mode.Use of Cached Exchange Mode shields the user from network and server connection issues and facilitates switching from online to offline for mobile users.

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The server has been rebooted, however as an added measure I did also restart the Exchange File Distribution and the Exchange Address Book services. I have upped the logging on OAB events to high so will update you if I start to see anything relevant. My Offline Address Book is not updating when I use Cached Exchange Mode. On the File menu, point to Cached Exchange Mode, and then click Download Full Items, Download Headers and then Full Items, or Download Headers.To use this setting, you must set the registry value, remove any files from the local computer and then synchronize. Cloud Architect & Blogger with interests in Office 365, Enterprise Mobility & Security and Azure.I am active on Experts Exchange & Tech Net forums and I am a technical author for Search Exchange.When you are in a place where high-speed internet connectivity is available then, you can set Download Full Items option.On the other hand, you must use Download Headers option when you are with slow net connectivity.

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