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But she's writing about her underage child, who may not be ready to be publicly outed just yet.It should be the child's choice to be out only when she is ready, and not one that is forced upon her, so I think her mom made the right call in being anonymous. Thank you for listening to your child and letting her be who she is meant to be.But when it comes to the transgender population, we seem to suffer from a chronic case of recurrent amnesia.If we didn't, Kristin Beck would not be news at all.

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If the author of the article had been writing about her own gender identity, then I too would probably be shocked to see it was posted anonymously.In 2007, a Barbara Walters special featured a six-year-old child named Jazz who had been born apparently male but was living – happily, and with her parents' full support – as a girl.In 2009, Chastity Bono, only child of Cher and Sony Bono, announced to the world that he was a transgender man named Chaz.My child is five years old, was born anatomically male, and has identified strongly and unvaryingly as female from the moment she could speak.When I tell people that my son is now my daughter, the responses are remarkably predictable. People seem to wonder if they've heard me correctly.

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