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If you can’t find a media kit, then the next best thing is to look through several recent issue of the publication. Create a List of Target Media – Anna Wolfe, editor of , shares, “Journalists are always on the look-out for: 1. Unique and compelling stories about handcrafted products and the people who create them. Flip through the publications you’re targeting to get an idea of the types of stories they run and how they weave specific products into their feature articles.Make a list of publications you’d love to be featured in, check their mastheads (staff listings, usually toward the front of the magazine.Make sure to do a little research before approaching bloggers/influencers.Do they primarily do tea reviews; are they interested in tea ware; do they prefer to include teas in the context of another theme?Online, you’ll find this under Contact Us or About Us) and start creating a list or database of food editor and/or feature editor names and contact information. The same is true of local and regional newspapers, city and regional magazines, restaurant and retail trade publications, radio programs that do special food-oriented shows, etc.Your PR contact list should also include names and addresses of target chefs/restaurateurs and specialty retailers with whom you already do business or with whom you’d like to do business.

Call your key contacts and ask them how they prefer to receive information, what format they prefer to receive it in, what information they’re looking for. Remember to Connect with Tea Bloggers – Linda Gaylard, blogger/tea sommelier with The Tea Stylist blog, notes, “Connecting with tea bloggers and those of influence on social media can be an effective way to introduce your tea and tea products to the growing tea market.

By work, I mean: research, the pitch and the props. You MUST be trustworthy to the media and your community.

You will want to base your pitch on a hot topic, product or trend from your tea community. Lastly, persistence and professionalism are key to pitching your idea as a tea expert.” 5.

If you’re looking to generate publicity for your tea business, retail shop or other endeavor, here’s your opportunity to learn tips and tricks from top editors, publishers and writers, as well as a TV personality.

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