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Lainey calls it the “Rogue Relative.” George Clooney has one. You know, the Rogue Relative is a family member who talks to the media without the celebrity’s consent and they usually say some sh-t the celeb wouldn’t want us all to know.

With a 40 issue subscription, you can get two free classic issues sent to you today. Bill Barnwell, who is one of our readers, also cracked the list. 10 in best Facebook follows and Dwayne Johnson was listed as No. The Ultimate Fighter final tomorrow was supposed to be Saul Rogers vs. But Rogers allegedly lied on his visa and was not allowed into the U. Owens I can see for his wit, but I have no idea why Rousey. Today is the 40th anniversary of Terry Funk winning the NWA title from Jack Brisco in Miami Beach. We look at the promotion of the show, how changes in the UFC can affect the major fights, little things in each fight that haven't beentalked about, fugure for the winners and much more is looked at. NXT TAKEOVER FROM SSE WEMBLEY IN LONDON ON WEDNESDAY Finn Balor vs. Coverage of the biggest weekend in UFC history, the stories behind the big matches, scouting the fighters, the business and handicapping the fights is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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    Since then, campus activists have joined together across the country to spread awareness, prompting bipartisan legislation, a White House task force committee, and federal investigations into more than 100 schools nationwide.

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    Motter impressed Rays coaches and front office staff with a .250 average in 14 games this spring, including a home run and three doubles.