Most popular gay dating website 2016

Developers and cyber-security experts have know about the flaw for some years, but many apps have yet to address the issue: Grindr didn't respond to Pen Test's queries about the danger of location leaks.But the researchers dismissed the app's previous claim that users' locations aren't stored "precisely.""We didn't find this at all—Grindr location data was able to pinpoint our test accounts down to a house or building, i.e.(At least 70 countries criminalize homosexuality, and police have been known to entrap gay men by detecting their location on apps like Grindr.)"In our testing, this data was sufficient to show us using these data apps at one end of the office versus the other," researchers wrote.In fact, modern smartphones collect infinitesimally precise data—"8 decimal places of latitude/longitude in some cases," researchers say—which could be revealed if a server was compromised.On the other hand, Blued has made profits thanks to the thriving live streaming feature and its mobile marketing business.

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If you then move down the road and the same man shows up as 350m away, and you move again and he is 100m away, you can then draw all of these circles on the map at the same time and where they intersect will reveal exactly where the man is."Pen Test was able to produce results without even going outside—using a dummy account and a tool to provide fake locations and do all the calculations automatically.That's mainly because of concern over personal data protection, reports Tech Crunch, "specifically those who are in the government or military."Plans to launch an IPO were reportedly scratched, with Kunlun now expected to sell Grindr instead.Believe it or not, China has a vibrant LGBT app scene where a number of dating apps are serving the estimated tens of millions of people in the LGBT community in China.Grindr, which has 3.8 million daily active users and 27 million registered users overall, bills itself as "the world's largest LGBTQ mobile social network." Pen Test demonstrated how it could easily track Grind users, some of whom are not open about their sexual orientation, by trilaterating their location of its users. states, being identified as gay can mean losing your job or home, with no legal recourse.(Used in GPS, trilateration is similar to triangulation but takes altitude into account.)"By supplying spoofed locations (latitude and longitude) it is possible to retrieve the distances to these profiles from multiple points, and then triangulate or trilaterate the data to return the precise location of that person," they explained. In countries like Uganda and Saudia Arabia, it can mean violence, imprisonment or even death.

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