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With the ability to adjust Q, sweep range, and filter type, you'll also wind up with of the most versatile wahs available.

Riddle: a mysteriously musical envelope filter for guitar.

Bill Ruppert is a Jedi Master at the art of creating soundscapes that are truly not of this world.

Travel along with Bill, into the astral plane, as he explores the outer limits of “Paranormal Guitar Effects.” In this latest edition of Effectology, Bill once again uses “only” his guitar and Electro-Harmonix effects pedals to conjure aliens, poltergeists and more!

Whether it’s the sound of songbirds singing joyfully by a babbling brook or a vintage vinyl “lo-fi” recording complete with clicks and scratches, Bill’s mastery of effects will amaze you.

As he says, “Never judge what an effect pedal will do by what you have heard it will do.

Experiment and you will find new sounds not yet discovered! Please note: Bill will be in the EHX Forums to discuss his sounds, settings, and process. Meet Riddle & Enigma: powerful and precise envelope filters, fine-tuned for guitar and bass.

The new box which is called the Q-Tron, uses the same opto-electronic design of the Mu-Tron III, with new features and improved specs." Mike and Mike went on to design the EHX Q-Tron, Q-Tron Plus, Micro Q-Tron, Stereo Polyphase, Bi-Filter -- and now, Riddle & Enigma: mysteriously musical envelope filters for guitar and bass. In that same year (1994) Mike Beigel was also hired to design and build a system to track penguins between their nests on the beaches of Antarctica and their aquatic feeding territories.

Dynamic Tympanis thunder in a CATHEDRAL concert hall environment where even the Big Muff Pi adds a realistic edge. Please note: Bill will be in the EHX Forums to discuss his sounds, settings, and process. In Effectology 14, pedal guru Bill Ruppert takes us on a journey to previously unchartered sonic territory.

Using only Electro-Harmonix pedals and his guitar, Bill creates a series of “believe it or not” soundscapes.

A high pass filter allows only the upper frequencies to be heard while chopping off the bottom or low end. Using the Riddle onboard distortion creates the overdrive effect of a small pocket radio turned up just a little too loud.

Turning up the sensitivity knob even further will produce the sound of a transistor radio with its battery ready to die. Full band entrance-fade The full band sound used the following pedals: Guitars- English Muffin Bass- Guitar into a Octave Multiplexer and a Bass Big Muff.

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