Michael phelps who is he dating

Whitney even tried out for the Olympics before sustaining a career-ending injury.

Phelps started swimming lessons to follow in big sisters’ footsteps, despite being, “a little scared” to submerge his head underwater.

Notably, he won broke the record for most gold medals won in a single Olympic game.

However, mentally, instead of being happy, Phelps focused on the dark side of it all.

Phelps’ potential to be outstanding was clear to Bowman from the beginning, so he took him under his wing.

Bowman became a father-figure to Michael, who thrived under Bowman’s drill sergeant-like strictness.

abandoning me.” The swimmer said, understandably, that he struggled: “deep down, inside, it was really hard.” The feeling of neglect that he got from his father was worsened by the fact that they fought constantly.

The high-schooler did not bring any medals home until the Athens Olympics in 2004, when he won a whopping eight medals, six of which were gold.Of the wins, he commented that he, “despised the image of perfection his success had created.” With this mindset, what happened next makes sense.A mere six months after his historic, triumphant victories in Beijing, Phelps made headlines after being caught on camera allegedly using illegal substances.He has only recently publicized the root of his issues, which previously we had gotten glimpses of through his multiple substance-related legal issues.Michael’s issues started when he was just nine years old.

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