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Pilsētas kanāls, the city’s old moat, once protected the medieval interior from invaders: The adress-side of this card above: Card with a view on the Powder Tower in Riga. The Powder Tower was restructured in the years 1937 to 1940 when it was included to the structure of the Latvian War Museum. It was destroyed by invading Swedish troops in 1621, but rebuilt -the present appearance- in 1650.In the 17th century it was named the Powder Tower due to gunpowder stored there. The rate for a card abroad was 4 kopecks in the period – , but for printing matter the rate was 2 kopecks. M-10-B Card with the machine cancellation M-10-B with the text IZSTĀDE – TIRGUS RIGĀ-22. VIII-1923 FOIRE-MESSE-FAIR (Exhibition – fair Riga 22. VIII-1923, the last line FAIR in French, German and English) , serial letter B. Text in the flag: PERKAT LATVIJAS RAZOJUMUS (Buy Latvian products). M-08-B M-08-B is a machine cancellation with ‘L’ (3 mm indented) and three stars before the 3 upper shorter lines. In the datestamp the country name is in the new orthography (LATVIJA), with serial letter B, with 9 segment bars in the segments above and below. There is a machine cancellation like this, but then the ‘L’ is placed more left (left as the last 5 lines, not indented): M-13-B. Juris Mors makes a difference between M-11-Ba (RIGA = 11mm) and M-11-Bb (RIGA = 13 mm). M-15-B Here the last postmark of the first period with serial letter ‘B’, in the tables M-15-B. Richard Zariņš, one of the best-known Latvian graphic artists. The postage stamp is Michel 45A, issued May 14, 1920. In January 1920 the Soviet Latvian troops were defeated and on the Latvian Constituent Assembly convened. J.Čakste was elected President of the Assembly and of the Republic. Between 30 April and were issued four postage stamps (Mi.42-45) to commemorate the First Constituent Assembly. M-06-B is a machine cancellation with ‘L’ (3 mm indented) and three stars before the 3 upper shorter lines (like M-08-B below). In the datestamp the country name is also in the old orthography (LATWIJA), still without serial letter. During the German occupation in World War II the name became Adolf Hitlerstreet (19) and the Brivīdas Boulevard became of course Adolf Hitler Boulevard.

The oldest name of this main street of Riga was Smilšu (sand)way. M-12-B 1925: M-12-B: this cover has a machine cancellation with the text ‘IZSTĀDE – TIRGUS RIGĀ-19VII-1925g. VIII-1928, the last line FAIR in French, German and English), serial letter B, used 20-VII.28 (first date) until 13. So we have to distinguish: Machine A: ‘L’ more left, with serial A (M-04-A) And machine B: I. VIII-1928 FOIRE-MESSE-FAIR (Exhibition – fair Riga 29VII-12. About these postage stamps see: The postal and monetary history Latvia / N. 45A The stamps Michel 42-45 has the same design: Mother Latvia in national costume guiding the nation at the helm of the ship of state.

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