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I couldn't really find a picture of Miguel and Alejandra Tejada together, so I took it upon myself to assume that you'd much rather look at the latter.

All in all, Miguel Tejada has had a very, very good Major League career.

Freddy Sanchez has spent his career being the prototypical "small guy" in the Major Leagues.

Be it as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates or San Francisco Giants, the man has never had much power.

He knows that in order to be successful, he has to make contact with the ball and spray it to all fields, and as a career .297 hitter, he's done a nice job.

Combine the lineage of the Giants' second baseman with that of his wife, and we're talking about a very athletic player.

The couple already has two sons, Evan and Ryan, and both could one day represent their family in the Major League.

Jed Lowrie hasn't had the most successful of careers with the Red Sox.In high school, Alissa Dowdy was a cheerleader at Burbank High School.She would go on to have a very versatile career, including a stint as a back-up dancer for Paula Abdul, in both dancing and television.But to make it in the Major League, you need more than just good baseball genes—you need to know how to survive, and if anyone knows how to survive and beat the odds, it's Hamels' wife Heidi: a former contestant on the popular reality series, If there was any one child born for playoff baseball, their son Caleb may just be him.Not only does he have the baseball make-up of his father and the survival instinct of his mother, but he was born during a 2009 NLCS game pitched by his father.

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