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You can use the setup function if you want to change the border color to something else, set the property to an empty string if you don't want the border color to change when the input has an invalid value.

The If wanting to use a custom method that handles the displaying/removing of error messages you should use the two methods described above.

There are four different callbacks you can declare when setting up the validation.

There are also two types of events triggered on elements when they get validated. An input with an invalid value will automatically get a red border color.

Return false to prevent the default behaviour when adding/removing error messages.

The implemented rules are: Here you can read more about how to create your own modules.

error Message Key - Name of language property that is used in case the value of the input is invalid.

error Message - An alternative error message that is used if error Message Key is left with an empty value or isn't defined in the language object.

The text will fade in when the input gets focus on and fade out when the input looses focus.

The container for the help text will have the class By default each input will become validated immediately when the input looses focus.

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