Greatest online dating profile ever

Think about the message it sends to potential dates.

It doesn't make you look like a winner, that's for sure.

[aweber_embed] Any headline that lists a number of reasons, secrets, types, or ways will work because it makes a very specific promise of what’s in store for the girl when she reads your profile. Falling in love or finding a great catch should be enjoyable.

A nice quantifiable return on attention invested goes a long way toward getting her to check you out, and as long as you deliver with a quality profile, you’ll have a happy girl on your hands. First, it presents the girl with a third party endorsement of you. So you’ve been single for awhile and wanting to fall in love. Don’t take anything too personal and enjoy yourself.

One benefit of chatting with someone online before becoming an official couple is that you're under no obligation to chat with them if they bore you to tears or creep you out.

So much so, that some people are doubting this screen shot's veracity; is anyone really a real thing, maybe there should be an app for that – “Check My Balance” could be a new dating app that allows men and women to share their account balances, and once you find someone whose bank account matches your lifestyle, you could hook up.

It's really only one superficiality step away from Tinder, after all...

'Blind' dates are no longer blind, and we can usually reliably vet the object of our romantic interest before it gets to the point of a face-to-face meeting.

It's a good way to avoid awkward moments or even, at worst, some seriously dangerous encounters.

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