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A few months ago, I was looking at a trend for Niche Pursuits, and I was not happy.The organic search traffic was trending down the last few months of the year and it had me a little worried. I could certainly pump out more great content and start ranking for this new content.I used 3 methods to figure out which of my hundreds of blog posts I should go back and start updating.Google Analytics was very helpful in making some of these decisions.In other words, the first new screenshot answers the question, did the organic traffic continue to increase after the first 30 days?And the second screenshot answers the question, “how much has the organic traffic increased since before the update to now (1 year after the update)?As a result, I decided to do some research to figure out what was going on. But it pained me to see content I had written years ago not ranking as well in Google.

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You no longer have to create a static HTML table; in fact, Google allows for embedding a table on a webpage that is updated as the original Google Doc is updated.The way to do this is also very easy and I found it here (the Bio Bucket).In your webpage, in HTML mode, write a code using the standard HTML notation to create a link YOUR TEXT HERE The URL you will have to plug in is your Google doc one, found under “Share...”: Once you’ve done that, you can simply write something like “Click here to access the Google document for this table” in the YOUR TEXT HERE space, and... A Google account is not necessary to view the original Google Doc.The first new screenshot compares the traffic increase AFTER the initial update to today.The second screenshot compares the traffic from BEFORE the update to today.

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