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Cheers Mike Hi Mike, Great to hear that you will begin to build a Coquina. I'm preparing to paint the hull now, before flipping her over.Do you plan for glued lapstrake plywood or traditional cedar on oak? Good luck, and as much fun as I have with my project! I was wondering when you would update your website. I'm still thinking about a couple detail modifications.I realize this is blasphemy to True Believers of Herreshoff, but it's my boat. I would like the after compartment to be watertight enough to serve as flotation in the event of a capsize, so I'm thinking of running copper tubes straight through from the transom to the bulkhead for the steering lines to pass through.I'm sure you've measured your cellar door, but for an instant that one photo looking in from outdoors had me thinking you-know-what! I called one in Maine but haven't gotten a quote back yet. I'm also contemplating the addition of another watertight compartment under the forward thwart where the second mast step goes through.Rather a small tank just aft of the forward mast step. Cheers Mike Mike, If you do install a watertight floor in the after compartment, be sure to include an inspection hatch so it can be aired out. One of those little Beckson plates would work fine, and you'd never see it with the bulkhead closed up.Myself, I'm looking for enough watertight volume that I can recover from a swamping unassisted.I want to use the boat for camp-cruising so I am leaning toward seaworthiness over historical accuracy. Safety first, and the best historically correct vessel is of no use on the bottom of the ocean.I'd hate to lose space in the already small cabin, so I was thinking about flotation bags with a CO2 can that inflate fast when needed, though I really haven't come to a final design yet.

I too am taken with the design and have been checking in on your progress for some time.I think it is great that these historic designs are being reworked for ply, When I built the dory I used the dory lap for the plank gains and tried to use as many other traditional dory-built methods as possible.The Alpha is a 21'racing design that dates to around 1900 built by a Marblehead native (not a yachtsman) Chamberlain used the traditional rudder yoke and steering lines that had been used at Marblehead and Beverly since memory, interesting that the coquina uses lines as well. Got a pair of trailer tires for free off of Craigslist, then bolted 5 lb plates on either side of he rim so they’d fit snug on the bar.They also conveniently come out to right about 45 lbs for the pair now.

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