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Just as there are great guys who make shitty boyfriends…and great boyfriends who turn into shitty husbands, there are also great boyfriends who DON’T WANT TO BE great husbands.

Point is: you have to figure out what your endgame is. Do you want the man you’re with to take on some stepfather duties, or at least integrate himself into your family more readily? If you can keep doing this, I’d love to, but if you can’t, I completely understand.”And you have to have the strength to walk away from a fun and wonderful short-term relationship because it has no potential to be the long-term relationship of your dreams.

Although the percentage isn't zero, given that we would expect at least some inconsistency in people's responses (consider, for example, that 20% of the same group opt not to throw the fat man off the bridge in the circumstance where he's responsible for damaging the train's brakes!

), it is reasonable to conclude that for this subset of people at least, the fatness of the fat man does not loom large in their decision making process.

A Piece of Bigotry Three years ago, just before Should You Kill the Fat Man?

went live, we mentioned its existence on a professional philosophy mailing list in the hope of getting some useful feedback, etc.

But I am wondering whether he will ever get more involved with the two most precious people to me…my children!If even a significant minority of this group state the fat man should be thrown off the bridge, it suggests that the fatness of the fat man is a relevant factor in people's thinking about this issue.In fact, as we can see from the chart to the right, only a very small percentage of this group opt to sacrifice the fat man.I’m a 38-year old single mom with an 11yr old daughter and 5yr old son.I’ve been dating a 47-year old bachelor (has no children) for a year.

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