Ex treme dating the tv show

However, he was not informed that not all the men were gay, as were the gay contestants.If he chose a gay man as the winner, they both would win a trip, and he would win money.This trainwreck of a show only lasted 1 season, and for good reason, while 32 women for vying for the affections of 3 men, the men's mothers were also living in the house with the female contestants and had a say in who was eliminated, effectively choosing who their son should date. pits teams of super attractive women against nerdy men, creating the ultimate "social experiment," to find out if the two can learn from one another, and also make money in the process.was even more famous for the insensitive remarks made by one of the mothers, Khalood Bojanowsk, a 50 year old Iraqi-Catholic woman who, in the premiere, stated that she can't have her son dating "a black one; I can't have an Asian one; I can't have a fat-butt girl." She also stated, "Nooo! The show wasn't specifically about dating, but that didn't mean that kisses weren't exchanged!Of course, the male star was not notified of this twist until the end of the series.To avoid the premise being spoiled after the 1st season, Seasons 1 and 2 were shown back to back, as were Seasons 3 and 4.The audience that watched the show wasn't fooled, however, and it only lasted 4 episodes before being pulled from the air and dumped online.franchise, in which she was able to date and eliminate multi-millionaire contestants.

Some of the scenes were coach the new "date" during breaks in the action.To avoid the twist premise being leaked, season and 1 and 2 were both filmed before the first aired.In a move that many would call deceitful and others would call disgusting, Fox execs picked what turned out to be a very convincing Harry lookalike, casting him in the role in order to fool the contestants into thinking that it was the actual Prince Harry.I remember this one poor guy went to get his date a drink, then two of his ex-girlfriends tell his date "he's got another girl friend already, ask him if he's seeing anyone else - see if he lies! This dude didn't know he was about to step in a trap!Does anyone remember that incident from the last Bachelor series where he proposes to the one girl but breaks off the engagement on the follow up show because he realized he was really in love with the runner up.

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