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Perhaps we can put together the melted wax and find out tall the candle was before it was lit?Even doing so, we must recognize some wax evaporates with the burning of the candle, irretrievably lost.This is why some really wild numbers have appeared, for example, a freshly killed seal was carbon dated to be 1300 years old, and shells from living snails were carbon dated at 27,000 years old.Evolutionists will argue that these wild dates come from a phenomenon of "old carbon" in the water on the ocean floor, and that's a reasonable argument, but there's a serious logical problem with it that most evolutionists won't consider.It has recently been demonstrated that the earth's atmosphere has still not reached equilibrium.less than 30,000 years because of the large increase.Pripyat is the central location where the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident occured in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic back in 1986.

This already creates a serious problem because all measuring tools require a constant with which to measure anything.If we turned on a garden hose and used that constant rate of water to fill up a barrel, but I drilled holes in the side of the barrel, the hose would begin to fill up the barrel, but as the water got higher, more of it would begin to leak out.At a certain point, the water level would stay in place unless we turn up the rate of water or plugged up the holes.One cannot even conceive of how such a task could be accomplished with mankind's limited ability, and that is for something we can see (e.g.grasshoppers), let alone what is invisible to the naked eye (e.g. No consistent amount of C14 has ever been calculated in the atmosphere, nor is it possible for mankind to do such a thing without having a device that, at minimum, spanned the circumference of the atmosphere.

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