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"You could talk yourself until you're blue in the face about this, this whole idea: that if you make it safer and easier for people to find each other, you're going to do better in your business. FOR the lovelorn, the new year can be an unhappy time, as they cast envious glances in the direction of lovey-dovey couples at the season's parties.It covers more than 90 per cent of felony convictions (in the U. I take it personally – you can go anywhere else, but don't come onto my site." In 2006, he says blocked 25,000 Americans from its site. The company said considered operating a site in Canada, but decided the cost for the RCMP criminal record check was prohibitive.Vest told Forbes he was committed to criminal checks because his father was murdered. And my determination to prevent murders, rapes and crime from occurring has become a passion." uses S2Verify, a company that charges about to conduct a search of 500 million records it has collected from U. David Evans said he has given up trying to convince the industry to invest in at least some type of background checking.Companies that do some basic form of background checking in the U.S., like Match.com, keep the information quiet, according to Evans, because they don't want to risk losing actual or potential earnings by turning off or scaring away potential daters, who might consider the checks an invasion of privacy.There is one online dating company which has instituted criminal background checks into its membership policy.Texas-based charges a monthly subscription, part of which pays for the screening that is required to join its site.

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"We do a background search for criminal convictions. Department of Corrections, Bureau of Prisons and county criminal records.

She filed an injunction against Match.com, demanding it cease accepting new members until it instituted a criminal screening process.

"In general, when you are paying money for a service, you don't think there will be criminals. I know that people lie about their age, or income, or their looks, and it's hard to check that. It told CBC News the decision is not related to Markin's legal action.

Online dating companies are often transnational companies, whose customers live in several countries, each with different rules about access to criminal information.

With limited or sporadic access to records, liability is a concern.

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