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Dawn could just brush her toes on the pavement.“Am I heavy? “You're my girl.”The valet took the car, and they went up to the room Jenny had already checked them into.“Dentist? “Just some minor stuff, but he gave her some really good medications beforehand.”“Hey, you're cute,” Dawn said, looking him over. Once in the room, with Dawn deposited on the bed, Jenny tipped the young man twenty dollars.“Tell your bosses that I was a demanding bitch and wanted everything just so and go take a break somewhere . “It's like shooting fish in a barrel.”“Can't have sex for at least a week,” she answered, doing her best to coordinate with Jenny. “And you've got muscles.”The bellhop blushed bright red.“No flirting while you're high, honey,” Jenny admonished her. The muscle relaxants were starting to wear off, but she was still feeling no pain.“You know what I mean.”“Yeah.”“I've got your favorite pjs. .”Jenny managed a sad smile before meeting her eyes. Besides,” and here he glanced back down at his patient. The passenger door opened, and Jenny leaned in.“Come on, Dawnie,” she encouraged her. Sleepy and not quite able to coordinate movements, Dawn did manage to undo her seatbelt. ”“Go figure,” Jenny said, shrugging a little.“What else? “In that world – and I don't know why, except I think Giles' death skewed things in a way that didn't happen here – instead of being Buffy's sister, you were my daughter.”Dawn didn't gasp, but her eyes widened.“Buffy .

But QFU had popped up during a session of Wikipedia link chasing, and . Her seat was on the aisle, darn it, but it was wide, upholstered in leather, and as soon as she sat down, the attendant had a hot towel for her and asked her what she wanted to drink.“Uh . Then he noticed she was sitting nearly on the edge of her seat, hands clasped, and looking out the window.“Would you like to swap seats? “I've got the baggage.”“'You take the blonde, I'll take the one in the turban,'” Dawn quoted and then giggled. “You might want to keep the luggage cart right in front of you, so you don't frighten anyone.”“Thankyouma'am,” the bellhop babbled and left a hole in the atmosphere as he fled. Jenny turned her back to Dawn, brought her arms over her shoulders, crossed them, and then stood up straight, so that nearly all of Dawn's weight was on her shoulders. I'll try to be lighter.”“You're not heavy, Dawnie,” Jenny answered, carefully stepping one foot in front of the other. I'm sizing him up for sex.”The bellhop made a strangled noise and stared straight ahead.“No mating either,” Jenny added. Dawn had been sliding off into another stupor when Jenny returned and took her shoes off and began undressing her for bed.“Try not to torture the boys so much, Dawnie,” Jenny said. We learn the most when we don't get it right the first time. Pretty much everyone agrees you're the leading diagnostician in North America, and then they quickly add that you have the bedside manner of the Marquis de Sade and a soul two sizes too small.”“Really? “And you're being helpful.”There was a moment when he stared right back and read something in her. Dawn's mother died a few years ago, while I was away. I'm very close to the man who is for, all intents and purposes, their father. Under no circumstances was Jenny to come into contact with any of the bodily fluids thereof. “I've got us a room booked at a hotel near the airport. There really wasn't much to remember about the procedure. House started the IV himself while the nurse stood patiently by.“Might want to lie back down,” he told her, putting a needle into the IV port and pushing the plunger.“Why's th-” Dawn started, and then laid down just as the top of her head opened up like a mechanical flower and emitted beams of light. The ceiling was really interesting, in that the patterns on the acoustical tiles would occasionally form a secret message or a mosaic of startling and beautiful patterns. Which means, the entire department loves you forever. “All my worldly possessions.”She got up and strode over. She's very dear to me.”House gave her a very pointed, very searching stare.“Fair enough,” he agreed. There were prescriptions for pain relief and a list for symptoms to look out for. We stay there until she's ready to travel.”“Get a spa treatment while she's sleeping,” he told her.

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