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Company M, 3/3 Marines was designated the blocking force and deployed on 18 August 1965 using LVTP-5s to the operational area.

When it landed on the beach, it marched 4 miles (6.5 km) to establish their blocking positions.

Estimated casualties were 5 killed and 11 wounded out of 27 who were part of the convoy.

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Two M48A3 tanks and four LVTP-5 were disabled by the time reinforcements arrived.The expected reinforcements, were diverted to assist the supply column that was ambushed west of their position.73mm recoilless rifle fire from the VC positions tore into the 5 LVTs and 3 flame tanks, forcing the Marines to mount a rescue.Company I was ordered to join Companies H and K and clean up any opposition, but was caught in a crossfire from Nam Yen Dan Hill 30.Company H established a defensive perimeter and were told to await reinforcements.

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