Dating perserverance

Courtney and Stan’s graduation celebration, like the success of Jose and Imelda in persevering through difficult times, is directly related to the promise they made on their wedding day to love and honor each other forever.Today, when many have lost confidence in married love, they prove it is possible! “I had prayed for help at work and when playing sports, so I started to pray for help at home. That led us to learning new ways of communicating with each other.We just slowly began to realize that we couldn’t overcome this by ourselves because we were both part of the problem.” Even when we have only a tiny bit of faith in ourselves or in God, prayer can sustain us.Courtney and Stan faced an unanticipated challenge together yet succeeded in fulfilling their dream for a better future. So, too, are Dick and Nancy, who emerged from Dick’s stroke with a radically altered life style, and Imelda and Jose, who worked round-the-clock for three years to start their small business.With a divorce rate of almost 50%, it’s inspiring to meet couples who struggle, facing difficulties and overcoming them with a stronger partnership and a deeper commitment to their marriage.For Imelda and Jose, it meant not having new clothes or nice furniture for almost three years so that all their resources could be invested in a growing business that could support their family in the future.

Is it just a matter of gutting it out or is there some magic formula for which challenges yield stronger relationships?

To endure, couples need a positive vision to work toward when the present moment looks grim. The second key to perseverance is the ability of both spouses to sacrifice for a better future.

When Amy was on bed rest at the end of her pregnancy and Tom was picking up the slack, their hope in the possibility of a healthy baby got them through. While Courtney worked evenings, Stan gave up his poker night with the guys to babysit.

When Courtney crossed the stage to receive her diploma a small crowd in the hall exploded in applause.

Her husband Stan cheered loudly, standing with both hands in the air.

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