Dating hanabi hyuga

For a majority of the series, she is in love with Narumi Kanai, her current homeroom teacher and childhood friend.However, she abandons her feelings for him (possibly becasue that Narumi has feelings for Akane Minagawa) in favor for those of Mugi.This causes Hanabi to confront Akane for taking away the person she desired the most and Akane later tells her about her love of making people jealous and getting attention from men.Even more angered now, Hanabi tries to make all the men that are obsessed with Akane to fall in love with her as demonstrated with Atsuya Kirishima, which unfortunately fails.When she's with Sanae Ebato (Hanabi's closest friend), Hanabi is an outgoing and regularly cheerful girl, in contrast to when she's in the presence of Narumi Kanai (Hanabi's love interest), whom she feels more timid with and can come off as hostile.

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In the final chapter of this series, Hanabi and Mugi meet each other at a concert and accept each other's love and hold hands, signifying the possibility of a genuine relationship beginning between the two.We were now sitting across from her father and her sister in the family room. Hyuga took a deep breath and said, "You have grown, Hinata. There's is nothing for me to say, but I hope that both of you become strong together as well as learn from each other." I never expected him to say something like that, but I was happy. That's something, I'll never forgive." "I won't, Sir." I responded.Her sister, Hanabi, had a sly grin, but her father in the other hand was glaring. I hope you accept our relationship," I told him straight in his eyes, but inside I thought I was going to pass out. *Next Day, Afternoon* "Naruto, I saw Sakura-san earlier. "Alright, we'll go right after I'm done cleaning the windows," I told her, as I hurriedly cleaned each window throughly. "Naruto, stop daydreaming about your wife and get over here," said Hanabi as she tried to run away from Hinata's grasp. We'll be late." Yelled out Hinata as she tried to chase down Hanabi. If there's grammar and spelling mistakes, I'm sorry about that too.Although both of them got rejected in the end, they did not start dating.Instead, they talked things out in the storage room and decided that despite the feelings they have for each other, they are going to search for real love.

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