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With Horthy's tacit approval, Kallay tried to negotiate a separate armistice for Hungary with the western Allies.

To prevent these efforts, German forces occupied Hungary on March 19, 1944. Kallay was dismissed and the Germans installed General Dome Sztojay as prime minister.

It is through the enhanced cooperation mechanism that plans to develop a new unitary patent and UPC regime have been developed.

The Hungarian court said it would be unconstitutional to allow jurisdiction for resolving private legal disputes to transfer from Hungary's courts to an international institution – the UPC – that is not established within the boundaries of the EU's founding treaties, according to a summary provided by Hungary's Intellectual Property Office.

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After the defeat, Hungarian Admiral Miklos Horthy and Prime Minister Miklos Kallay recognized that Germany would likely lose the war.Details of the basis of the complaint emerged last summer.The Karlsruhe court has listed the case to be heard some time this year, although no firm date has been confirmed yet and it is unclear when a judgment can be expected.Hungary's participation in the new unitary patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) regime is in question following a recent ruling, but it is the ongoing legal challenge in Germany that presents a greater risk to the future of the UPC project as a whole, a patent litigator has warned.On 29 June, Hungary's Constitutional Court published a ruling in which it held that the terms of the UPC Agreement are incompatible with Hungary's constitutional framework.

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