Dating game toheart

To Heart isn't a harem highschool romance by a long way.It get's misnomered as such because people assume that, because it's based on a dating sim, and has a male lead who meets multiple females, it has to be a harem highschool romance.Her beautiful white wings and trim appearance, along with her calmness and kindness, has her known across the land as the”princess of princesses.” Because she is also a maiden to the state religion, she is rarely sent abroad as an envoy; however, she was dispatched to Tuskur as a religious emissary by her own request.Name: Yuki Morikawa Game: WHITE ALBUM Weapon: Ice power Background: Yuki is a popular young singer with an honest and gentle personality.Furthermore, she and Manaka have been best friends since middle school and she loves riding to school on her adored mountain bike, the MTB.

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Name: Ulthury Game: Utawarerumono: Lullaby to the Dying Weapon: Lightning and wind magic Background: Ulthury is a princess of Onkami Yamukai.Although she is an energetic, affable girl who can quickly make friends with anybody, Camyu had no friends before coming to Tuskur because everyone was in awe of her power and standing.However, since coming along with Ulthury, Camyu has befriended many people and has a close kinship with Hakuowlo.At times the artwork in the show is exceedingly good.The show makes use of watercolour stillframes to good effect, and although the animation is a little dated compared to most you see these days, it still retains a certain "realistic" quality about it.

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