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And of course the article is overall accurate ad great, not trying to criticize it too harshly here. Also do talk about how people, especially Norskens LOVE hiking and that type of adventurous travel, where as Swedes tend to be more indoor type of people, however that dose vary but I think, based on most people I hung out with like 80% LOVE hikes, so people should remember their strong hiking legs, which is an 80% turn on.

BUT that’s my opinion here, thinking maybe a good thing to add in, maybe.

It’s also important for people to understand history is always uncertain about such deep topics so honestly it would be good for people to know that talking about the war is quite off putting due to the few people like myself where we had our ancestors killed serving in those times, as well as those that lived the minor victory.

It was just really strange to see so many people desperate to go the beach.

We took a bus, then walked, then a ferry, then walked.

In my home town, the beach is 5 minutes away and not everyone wants to use it at the same time.

He was always nice to me, helping me with my films and stuff, but he was just a friend. The next day I went to a club with some friends and there he was.

One day I decided to man up and ask him out but before I said nothing, he told me he met a girl at a club and… We started dancing and he was all flirty, then I told him that I knew he liked me, but he was always with frivolous girls and that he was an idiot.

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