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-- 42 "The Steel City" DATE: 1951 PUBLISHER: Tribe of K (#30417) POSTMARK: July 31, 1951, Gary, Indiana COLLECTION: S.Shook TITLE: Pergola at Gateway Park, steel mills in distance, Gary, Ind. Gary, the youngest city of 100,000 population in America, is the largest city in the Calumet Region of northwestern Indiana, Lake County, Indiana, which county constitutes the state's First Congressional District. Kropp Company (#30290N, #1) POSTMARK: January 6, 1951, Chicago, Illinois COLLECTION: S.Svengalis titled: TITLE: Lew Wallace School, Gary, Indiana DATE: 1938 PUBLISHER: Wayne Calendar and Novelty Company, Tichnor Brothers (#63377) POSTMARK: June 6, 1938, Gary (Glen Park Station), Indiana COLLECTION: S. Gary Public Schools' Memorial Auditorium was completed in 1928 at a cost of 0,000. Kropp Company (#4532N, #63) POSTMARK: August 3, 1939, Gary, Indiana COLLECTION: TITLE: Holy Angels Church, Gary DATE: circa 1908 PUBLISHER: The Crose Photo Company POSTMARK: postally used, but no date stamp applied COLLECTION: S.It has a seating capacity of 5000 and is equipped for sport events and public gatherings. Shook REMARK: This is a view of the construction of the Holy Angels Catholic Church School, which was constructed just as the City of Gary was forming.Public domain works must be out of copyright in both the United States and in the source country of the work in order to be hosted on the Commons. work, the file must have an additional copyright tag indicating the copyright status in the source country.Shook TITLE: Bridge over Pennsylvania Railroad tracks, Valparaiso, Indiana DATE: circa 1910 PUBLISHER: Lowenstine & Sons, Portage Publishing Company POSTMARK: April 10, 1911, Valparaiso, Indiana COLLECTION: S. 21 Westward, Valparaiso, Indiana DATE: pre-1907 (undivided back) PUBLISHER: unknown (believed to be an Elmer E.Starr postcard) POSTMARK: September 3, 1906, Hartford Connecticut (REC'D) COLLECTION: S.

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This media file is in the public domain in the United States. The creator and year of publication are essential information and must be provided.Gary's iron, steel, rail, sheet and tin plate, and concrete plants lead the world in size and production. Shook TITLE: Jefferson Park Water Tower, Gary, Indiana -- 10. Kropp Company (#16536) POSTMARK: December 17, 1953, Gary, Indiana COLLECTION: S.Gary has nine parks with extensive recreational facilities and three smaller parks making a total of 12, covering 544 acres, with a property valuation of more than ,000,000. TITLE: View at Long Lake on Valparaiso & Northern Interurban.DATE: 1911 PUBLISHER: unknown (#31527, believed to be a Curt Teich postcard) POSTMARK: August 13, 1913, Valparaiso, Indiana COLLECTION: S.

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