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Most of my girlfriends erupted in a fit of laughter, but one in particular asked me why I'd ever actually let a guy jizz on my face, because isn't that degrading, and aren't I a feminist?

It got me thinking about what the word "degrading" actually means when it comes to sexual acts.

Nurturing your woman is the best aphrodisiac you can find.

Be a great partner to your mate and your mate will be a great lover in return.

A very important part of any committed relationship is your intimate life. This shows up in a number of ways (including number one above, for that matter).

Respect the fact that just because you want sex doesn’t mean your lover is wanting and willing to perform on demand.

However, if you want to try and get him in the mood …

Contrary to what some men will have you believe, men do not have an instant “on” switch for sex.

Men are entitled to be tired, stressed, not in the mood or interested in just cuddling, just as women are.

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