Dating azrbaycan

Most decisions are adopted by the president’s office through executive order or passed by parliament following perfunctory debate.Parliament’s actual powers for legislative scrutiny and oversight are weak.There is little democratic control by parliament and its committees over other branches of government.The legislature’s ability to summon cabinet ministers (all appointed by the president) is limited.

In practice, however, the legislature lacks independence and influence.

We recommend that the government enhance the powers of the SPA to sanction companies for malpractice and that the defence procurement cycle be disclosed to the public.

The constitution of Azerbaijan confers formal independence to the legislative, executive, and judicial powers (Article 7.1. The Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan is formally responsible for creating rules related to defence and military service (Article 94.1.18) and the basis of security in Azerbaijan (Article 94.1.20).

Azerbaijan’s GI ranking in Band E places it in the very high risk category for corruption in the defence and security sector.

The highest risk areas are Procurement and Operations, which fell in Band F (critical risk of corruption).

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