Chaton ass

Our tastes change over time, and one network can’t be everything to everyone. Our digital lives are fragmented in all of these ways and dozens more.

Thanks to competing business interests and the differing needs of users, it’s a problem that’s unlikely to be solved anytime soon, if ever.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the direction we’re going.

If ever there was “One Social Network to Rule Them All,” it’s Facebook, and clearly that’s not enough.

Mastering all the features in just one messaging app can be a headache, let alone many.

And then remembering which app you used to have the one conversation where your friend said the one thing you’re trying really hard to find … The world of streaming music is divided in many of the same ways video is.

First there was Friendster, and then came My Space.

Now that those and many others have been sent to the Graveyard of Deserted Networks, we have a fairly entrenched set of social networks widely used today.

Even if you don’t, there’s a good chance you juggle multiple messaging apps, from Facebook Messenger and i Messages to Line, Whats App, and Snapchat. Some of them let you send old-fashioned text messages to other people outside of the service.

But if you rent it digitally, how are you going to display the movie onto your TV screen? All you want to do is watch a movie, but now you have to put in the legwork and make a dozen little choices along the way.

In some ways, the internet has made watching movies more convenient, but in most others, it’s hopelessly more complicated.

Here are some of the things the internet has turned into a pain in the ass. You’ll be disappointed when, after checking Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Crackle, and any of your other subscription services, you find that none of them have in their current catalog.

If you’re a little more tech savvy, you might know to check a third-party service like, or the Yahoo Video Guide app.

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