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To create this article, 23 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Some people experience problems with using the digital camera as a web cam.

Make sure that you go through an ideal approach to make sure you are going to make it.

, a private, non-profit scientific and educational institution headquartered in North Conway Village with weather observation station at the summit of Mt.

Washington, hosts this webcam at the summit of Wildcat Mountain.

When you click on the "record image" button, there is about 0.8 seconds delay before the actual image is captured, I presume the time it takes to switch the camera into full-frame mode.

Since it is a full-frame still, it shows a wider field of view than the MJPEG preview which shows only the video area.

Also, if you change a setting and then navigate away from the setting page, then back the settings appear to return to their default (although the actual setting in effect does not reset change). ) not maintaining the current state in between page loads.

Here's what the main page looks like (this particular camera has a closeup lens, so everything looks blurry) raspistill -ex night -ISO 500 -ss 1000000 -t 10000 -w 1600 -h 1200 -q 75 -o mmal: mmal_vc_component_enable: failed to enable component: ENOSPC mmal: camera component couldn't be enabled mmal: main: Failed to create camera component mmal: Failed to run camera app.

Looking at the task manager, the memory taken by one of the two "chrome.exe" tasks while the MJPEG page is open simply continues to grow at a steady rate, until it exceeds available memory and crashes around 2 GB.

Everything works OK with Firefox on desktop & tablet, and Opera Mobile on the Android phone.

Chrome on both the tablet and desktop works for several minutes, then runs out of memory and crashes ("Aw, Snap!

I'm hoping this can be developed even further, but already I think something like this belongs as an option in the standard Raspbian distribution because it "just works" and so many alternatives just don't, at least for me.

I followed the steps in your post and it took about an hour to do all the updates, upgrades and install.

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