Braces dating

I'm personnally weird,but if I like the person and their personnality,doesn't really matter if they have braces or other stuff as long as it's not largely impairing in life (and even then,if I really like the person a lot, I can look past that) For the average person who focuses more on appearance,if they find you pretty, I don't think braces will be a deal breaker.

Only reason it would be a deal breaker I think is if someone thinks you're just barely right to date,not more than that,then yeah, I can see how one default can make it fail But other than that,should be fine with most people Hahah Braces seriously, I wouldn't care, it's almost like asking about classes and dating. I would say who cares, they are braces, as long as she takes care of them and herself, I don't care, beauty really is deeper than something that unimportant.

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After a few back and forth communications with my potential suitor, flash forward to me driving to my date and getting last minute panic - MAYBE HE DIDN'T SEE MY PICTURE WITH BRACES!!! I, of course, couldn't help myself and asked 5 minutes into it "you did see that I had braces, right? Most importantly, when I got to my car, I didn't have any bits of food stuck on my teeth.

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I think one thing being missed is how far braces have come.

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I would avoid social events and I’m definitely avoiding dates because I don’t feel attractive and I can’t smile.

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My orthodontist told me that even though my teeth are all straight, there is a bite issue that can be “fixed” which would improve my bite.

(I'm not a hermit, I just broke up w/my boyfriend, of yes, 12 years - go figure.) So, I created a profile on e Harmony and OF COURSE, the big question was where in my profile I break the news about my braceface.

I ended up deciding that one picture (w/caption) of me with braces thrown into the rest was plenty explanation. He may have been lying, but I appreciated it:) We had a great time and I think we'll probably go out again.

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